How to Run a Successful eCommerce Business

Launching an e-commerce business is like planting a seed. In order to grow your business and turn it into a fruit-full asset, you need to look after it constantly. Having a plan is not good enough, but implementing that plan with practical strategies will lead you to your goals.

If you want your business to stand-out, here are 10 tips which would prove as a pioneer to your newly launched (as well as old) e-commerce business.

1. Create a Simple Website Design:

Keep your website as simple as possible.

Provide CTA (call to Action) buttons for immediate action and quick shopping experience. Keep the content specific, more content can confuse users and make it difficult for them to find CTA buttons.

Categorize product accurately, too many categories of products can prevent customers for what they are looking for!

Navigation of your eCommerce store should be smooth and user-friendly. Adrian Cojocariu on Cognitive SEO talks about the difference between facets and filters.

Platforms like Shopify and WordPress offers amazing customization options which are easy to use. Fan Jackets is a great example of how a website should look!  The store has a search bar option for a quick way to find anything and simple navigation system to purchase items.

2. Easy Check-Out Process:

Most of the customers abandon their purchase due to the lengthy and descriptive check-out process. You don’t need to know their first teacher name, their childhood name, or so on. Ask them relevant information such as e-mail address, phone number, and billing information.

Show them a final summary of their purchase such as the number of their products and final price (with shipment cost) before confirmation of their order. After this process, send them an automated confirmation e-mail that the order is placed.

3. Proper SEO is the Key:

Proper search engine optimization is one of the most significant technique to drive a massive amount of traffic to your website. Your online store doesn’t have a chance to run unless it follows proper SEO tactics.

SEO works with keywords; keywords are the words or phrases which people search on search engines to have desirable results. If that particular keyword is related to your business and mentioned on your website content, then there is a chance that your page will be shown on Google’s first page.

But you are the not only one who practices the SEO! Almost everyone nowadays is using the latest SEO techniques for their business, including the ones who possess the same market as you. So how is it possible to get the front ticket if your competitors are already sitting on it?

I End Game, a store dealing in superhero jackets just got into the e-commerce business, and they are slowing coming up. In other words, it may take some time to grab Google’s attention, but if you rely on proper SEO techniques, you will definitely find your desired seat.

Use the keywords wisely in meta descriptions, title tags, and body content for a chance to drive organic traffic.

4. Pay-Per-Click Advertisement:

Half of the website traffic comes organically, and half comes from paid marketing, which is also called as PPC (pay per click).

We perform PPC marketing with the help of social media platforms and Google. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on have the largest number of users. So there is no other place better to hit the great amount of target audience than these. Facebook provides a platform called Facebook Ads through which you can do marketing.

Google is the biggest search engine and the home of almost all the websites. Google provides a platform called Google AdWords, which is also paid through which you can promote your business all over the internet.

Whether you are new to pay per click advertising or your eCommerce business has been running paid campaigns for years, Direct Online Marketing’s 7 ways to avoid wasted spend on Google paid ads is a must read to make sure you are getting the most out of your campaign.

5. Start Blogging:

Blog posting is the best way to keep in touch with users. How often will a customer buy a product from your website? Once in a month at least! So to keep the customers engaged, show them effective blog posts which talks about your customer’s interest and solve problems.

Fjackets, a clothing store known for selling good quality leather jackets has a blog site as well. Here is an expert tip by their content manager.

“Always create informational guides about your products. It makes your website helpful and unique. Make sure to include questions and their solutions that are not posted by other bloggers”.

Hubspot has a unique guide that talks about how to create a perfect and simple blog for your targeted audience.

You can also learn about blog promotion from top 30 experts on Goldenbloggerz. The website also provides Digital Marketing tips and feature how-tos.

6. Promote Your Brand with Outreach:

The best effective and inexpensive way to build powerful links is to reach out to bloggers that write about your niche. Bloggers are known for promoting brand’s products and services in their content and some writers just consider it as their daily routine work. The only question remains, what strategies you need to follow in order to get a link to your product?

Brian Dean from Backlinko has written a complete guide on how to build powerful links with email outreach.

7.  Effective E-mail Marketing:

E-commerce brands like Angel Jackets use email marketing for sending promotions and offers. With the help of email marketing, you can also provide your customers engaging stories, products, increase brand awareness and even ask for feedback. Create a short and simple email with an awesome subject line to attract open rates.

8. Customer Reviews and Feedbacks are Important:

According to a survey, 88% of customers buy products because of reviews. Reviews boost customer confidence towards the product. Encourage your customers to write a review on your website, it will also help you to rank higher in the google as google preferred the pages with the most positive reviews.

Reviews don’t need to be in text form, allow customers to review through images and videos to build trust level.

You can ask your readers for feedback through emails after they purchased your product. Also, add a comments option to your blogs.

9. Offer Multiple Payment Options:

Although Visa or Master cards are the most common online payment options but it is not necessary that everyone has them. Even if they have, doesn’t mean they preferred to use them.

People use different payment options according to their benefits and needs. So it is better to offer as many payment methods as possible.

10. Reliable Customer Service:

You should provide satisfactory service to ensure the trust of your customers towards your site. Not all of your transactions will be done without difficulty. Sometimes, customers have queries and complain about products they purchased, such as problem in sizing, late delivery, etc.

Take an example from stores like Macy’s. They’ve been in the business for a long time, but still, they are striving each day to offer better services. Whether you’re old or new in online business, always make sure your target customers are happy!

In order to tackle all these problems, you are required to offer better customer service and listen to solve their problems efficiently so they never lose faith in you.


These are the 10 effective ways to lead your e-commerce business to success. On the first, we discussed the importance of the appearance of website design and how it would help the users to navigate your website easily. Provide customer’s secure and comfortable shopping experience and always rely on white hat SEO techniques approved by Google.